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Loss Prevention Jobs

Welcome to -- the free loss prevention job portal. Our site brings loss prevention job seekers and employers together by matching required and preferred job search criterium. Retail Loss Prevention is an exciting industry that is constantly growing and always in need of qualified LP professionals who can fulfill loss prevention job openings. lists current vacancies for employers and allows job seekers to search and apply for these positions. A great feature found on JobsLP is the ability to create one application and send it to unlimited employers which will maximize a candidates exposure to potential employers. also allows employers to search for active job seekers and contact them if they are interested.

How it works
A job seeker will sign up on and post their resume for free. If the job seeker does not have a resume, they can even use our free resume builder!

An employer will post ads for the positions they wish to fill and also have the ability to search for candidates to fulfill their loss prevention positions.


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